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Our 5 Best Blog Posts of 2017

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on

In late 2016, we launched our company blog "Sharing the Knowledge" geared to educate our customers. We did our best in 2017 to publish at least two times a month with science news or any product updates. In case you missed some of our blog posts, here are our five most favorite posts from 2017.  

1. Scientists propose new human body organ

Scientists discovered a new organ in the human body — the mesentery. Before, it was thought to be a structure of the digestive system. But now, researchers in Ireland proved it's a set of tissues that anchors the small intestines to the back of the abdominal wall.

2. Introducing our new product — Soft Body Systems 

Introducing new products became one of the most exciting posts to write on the blog. We shared with our customers all about the Soft Body Systems, a 12-piece set of soft organs to fit in your skeleton model.

3. 5 science podcasts to keep you informed

Podcasts serve as a great educational tool and we rounded up five that cover various science topics. Take a listen! 

4. This original Denoyer-Geppert globe was created before World War 2

Denoyer-Geppert was once known for its globes and the Made in Chicago museum wrote about our company's early history. 

5. 4 hands-on science products for your students

Give your students the gift of learning this holiday season by filling your classroom or lab with these interactive science products. 


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