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The worst part about getting stung by bees is that the following day you have to take care of those hives

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Recently Gwyneth Paltrow wrote in a post in her popular lifestyle blog that bee venom therapy helped her get rid of an old injury - do not try that at home.

Apitherapy, or using bee products like honey and pollen for medicinal purposes, is a non-Western medical tradition that can be traced back to ancient societies in Korea, Egypt, and Greece. According to biomedical scientists, it has well known antibacterial properties. However, bee venom as an alternative (and widely debunked) form of medicine was first credited to Philipp Terc, a 19th-century Austrian physician.

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1095-10 Honey Bee Life Cycle

In addition to demonstrating the characteristic insect body plan, the large central figure of a worker bee is depicted gathering nectar from a flower and, in the process, pollinating it. A honeycomb being tended by workers reveals egg, larval and pupal stages, while the three castes of honeybees (worker, queen, and drone) are shown to scale for comparison. 36x44

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