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The Pandamit is making us fatter

Posted by Mary Andros on

At Denoyer we  - okay me, I am on a quest to get healthier in 2022.  Honestly, several of us are struggling to drop a few pounds at denoyer, and I am promoting an 18LB weight loss program that won't kill us - but reading through the current health trends on the internet is scary. What do I mean - real, healthy changes and choices that do not include a sauna suit, drinking urine, downward dog anus sunshine yoga, woo-woo gems, waist constricting,  all liquid or all meat diets, anything Gwyneth Paltrow - (see woo-woo gems), and running.

I don’t know about you, but when I get skinny - thats a joke, when I get thinner,  after working out for long periods or starving my self, I celebrate and get jolly. Much easier to get jolly then thin because I love food, in quantity, beer, and sweets (ask my dentist Dr. Nick). My winter exercise prior to the pandamit was bowling - I know, but at least I was moving. Also the bigger the better butt craze is not making me happy since I spent my whole life trying to minimize.

Small changes that stick is the goal.  Have some quality suggestions?  throw them back at me please!

So in the spirit of losing fat we are fattening up some products by adding a free chart.  Check them out by searching free poster -

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