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Sharing the Knowledge
We know effective learning must extend beyond the classroom, beyond a single platform, beyond conscripted standards. We strive to create a product where learning and the art of teaching meet.  Our products are intuitive and exist to make science more accessible to all types of learners.
We hope the products that we create help educators develop the bright minds of future thinkers, creators, and doers in the STEM fields. 


The Denoyer-Geppert was formed some time around 1916.  Formerly, the products were mainly maps and globes, and science education was a small part of the company's offerings.  In fact, the Denoyer-Geppert "Cartograph" Globe is what made the name famous because they were featured in photographs with the Apollo astronauts throughout the 1960s. 

By the 1980s Denoyer-Geppert was a division of a large educational publishing conglomerate.  The division's assets were sold to Rand McNally in the mid-1980s.  The science education products became what is known today as Denoyer-Geppert Science Company.

Throughout the 1990s the company acquired additional science education assets in the chemistry and kinesiology disciplines.  In the twenty-first century the company has partnered with many science educators to develop innovative learning tools.