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5 Science Podcasts to Keep You Informed

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on


A podcast is a great way to pass the time whether you’re listening in the office or on your commute to work. Plus, there are many podcasts out there that are focused on various science topics to help you enrich your mind. Check out these five science-filled podcasts to add to your next listening session. 

1. Science Friday

Tune in every week to catch the latest on brain fun for curious people. At 1.8 million public radio listeners each week, NPR’s SciFri covers everything from the shining Auroras to the fidget craze helping with your anxiety.

2. RadioLab

Through the power of audio storytelling, the masterminds behind RadioLab combine narratives and science into a sound-rich documentary. Science curiosity helps blur the boundaries between science, philosophy, and human experience.

3. Outside/In

Get outdoors without leaving your house by tuning in this engaging science podcast. All about the natural world and how to use it, Outside/In brings you thought-provoking stories with solid reporting.

4. Science for the People

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Science for the People broadcasts weekly across North America. Hosts Desiree Schell and Rachelle Saunders explore fascinating topics connected to science, popular culture, history, and public policy.

5. Science Magazine Podcast

If you are a fan of Science Magazine, then you must spend time listening to the publication’s podcast focused on one story every week, which also includes a round-up from the daily news site. We highly suggest following this podcast if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest science news.

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