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lab safety

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$69.95 each or a set of one each item 2029-10 for 99.95 

Nowhere is an ounce of prevention of more vital concern than in the educational laboratory - especially when chemicals are present. Addressing that concern, this wall reference employs full color high impact illustrations, with crisp no nonsense captions, to provide reliable safety information.

2027-10 A common sense set of of safety rules form the central focus of the presentation, which if heeded, can prevent tragedy in your lab. 

23 illustrated panels are positioned. Each dramatizes a significant safety practice, a correct use of safety equipment, or a caution against an improper technique. Always on duty, the chart, with its visual message in brilliant colors, commands attention, while it continuously reinforces safe laboratory conduct.

2028-10  Key lab procedures at a glance. A full time refresher - prevents tragic mistakes. No lab should be without.

Divided into 23 panels, each develops an important technique. Sequential illustrations are employed to dramatize key procedures in step by step fashion. Captions are precise and east to follow. Safety is the unifying theme throughout.

It's like having a full color lab manual on a single giant page, for instant access.

Printed on tear proof synthetic stock, 36 x 44 inches (91 x 112 cm)

Charts are mounted with black Snap-Grip® trim top and bottom, complete with removable / repositionable eyelets for hanging.

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