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4 Hands-On Science Products for Your Students

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on

The holidays are approaching and now's the time to think of your classroom wishlist. Hands-on activities continue to help motivate students to learn, so why not introduce those same teaching methods with anatomy? Here are four interactive products to promote even more learning in your classroom. 

Soft Body System

Learn all about human torso anatomy with the Soft Body System. Students can learn more about the relationship of organs by assembling and disassembling the 12-piece set of soft organs. This kit is perfect to pair with our Premier Skeleton. However, it is also designed to fit in all life-size skeleton replicas on the market. 

Build-A-Cell Learning Lab

Teaching students about cells just got a bit easier. This learning lab brings new ideas to students through vivid color and 3D detail. Each lab has three sheets of removable organelle stickers so the students can explore each cell in much detail. 

Rubin's Eye Vision Lab

Students can learn more about human eye functions with the Rubin's Eye Vision Lab. This set allows them to recreate common visual disorders and learn how to correct them. You must follow the appropriate corrective steps in order to complete each disorder. 

Paint A Heart Kit

Learn by doing with the Paint A Heart Kit. Students can paint their own heart and learn anatomy along the way. A color illustration is included to guide the student in mastering the parts of the heart while painting.

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