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This Original Denoyer-Geppert Globe Was Created Before World War 2

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on

Photo Credit: Made in Chicago Museum

Before Autographed Anatomy and Premier Skeletons, Denoyer-Geppert Science Company was once known for its globes. The Denoyer-Geppert "Cartograph" Globe is what made the name famous—they were even featured in photographs with the Apollo astronauts throughout the 1960s. 
The Made in Chicago Museum shared a post earlier this year all about our company's history since their collection includes a globe made in the late 1930s. Eighty years later, the 12" globe remains in good condition with its solid cast iron and slightly faded colorization following L.P. Denoyer's words below. 
“You now have one of the best globes made,” L.P. Denoyer wrote in the preface to his 1931 guide book, A Teacher’s Manual for Cartocraft Globes, according to Made in Chicago Museum. “But we are not satisfied with simply having made the sale, for we want you to get the greatest possible value from your purchase.”
While globes and maps might be long gone from Denoyer-Geppert's inventory, we continue to follow our company's original values by providing products for educators that develop the bright minds of future thinkers, creators, and doers in the STEM fields.  
Read the entire post about our company's history at Made in Chicago Museum.
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