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Our Favorite Science News Stories of 2017

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on

Photo Credit: Science Magazine

We won't deny that a lot of good and bad news occurred in 2017, but for the science world, we learned some incredible things. Here are some of our favorite science news stories of the year:

1. The mesentery is an organ

For us, the proposal for a new human organ could change the way we present our anatomical products. Researchers in Ireland proved it's a set of tissues that anchors the small intestines to the back of the abdominal wall.  

2. What dogs hear when we talk to them

We always wondered what dogs think of our speech. Some of us, after all, like to talk to dogs similar to babies with high-pitched voices. Scientists had shown that puppies find that type of speech exciting and it may help them learn words.  

3. A total solar eclipse leaves the nation in awe

Americans across the country gathered this year to witness the first visible total solar eclipse in nearly four decades. Some spectators were lucky enough to see more than a partial eclipse and it must have been an unforgettable experience for them.

4. FDA approves first gene therapy treatment for cancer

Earlier this year, FDA approved a treatment for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). It was the first gene therapy approved in the U.S. and we could only hope that more breakthrough treatments to come in the near future. 

5. Discovery pushes back origin of homo sapiens by 100,000 years

It turns about the remains of five early Homo sapiens come father back than what scientists have thought. Once discovered to be 300,000 years old, the fossils are 100,000 years older!  

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