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Youth Jaw Model

0106-00 Lower Jaw of Preadolescent with Removable Teeth

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0106-00  Lower Jaw of Preadolescent with Removable Teeth

The lower jaw of an eleven year old depicts deciduous teeth being replaced by permanent teeth. Unbreakable plastic, the model has been scaled to 3-1/2 times life size to enhance difficult to observe details.

The outer portion of the jaw bone has been cut away exposing the roots of the teeth, their nerves and blood vessels. Four teeth can be extracted from the jaw: an incisor, a premolar, molar, and a developing canine. One molar has caries. Another is sectioned longitudinally revealing its enamel, dentine, cementum, and pulp.

Thirty-one hand numbered structures are identified in the accompanying key.

The Teeth

(Teeth shown would be for a 10-12 yr. old. Development and eruption ages vary greatly between individuals.)

Features of the Jaw Bone

(Left side of mandible shown on model)

  1. Condylar process

  2. Mandibular notch

  3. Masseteric tuberosity

  4. Angle of the mandible

  5. Coronoid process

  6. Alveolar process

  7. The oblique line

  8. Mental foramen

  9. Head of mandible

Arteries, Veins, and Nerves

  1. Inferior alveolar nerve

  2. Inferior alveolar vein

  3. Inferior alveolar artery

  4. Mental nerve

  5. Mental artery

Tooth Structure

(See bisected tooth #29, the first molar)

15. Enamel
16. Dentine
17. Cementum
18. Pulp, containing blood & nerve

supply (See removable tooth #26,

the first premolar) 19. Root area

20. Neck area
21. Crown area (Includes chewing


22. Central incisor, permanent (Erupts about age 6)

23. Lateral incisor, permanent (Erupts about age 8)

24. Canine, deciduous

25. Canine, permanent
(Unerupted. Will erupt about age 11)

26. First premolar, permanent
(Replaced the first primary “baby” molar about age 9)

27. Second primary “baby” molar, deciduous

28. Second premolar, permanent (Unerupted. Will erupt about age 12)

29. First molar, permanent (Erupts about age 6)

30. Second molar, permanent (Erupts about age 11)

31. Third molar, the “Wisdom Tooth” (Erupts about age 17. If the gums were present on the model, this tooth would NOT be visible in the mouth of an individual 10-12 years old.)

Overall dimensions: 14 x 9 x 4 inches (36 x 23 x 10 cm)

Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy

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