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1805-10  Animal Meiosis and Mitosis Poster Set Mounted

1805-10 Animal Meiosis and Mitosis Poster Set Mounted

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1805-10  1913 Animal Meiosis and 1912 Mitosis Poster Set Mounted

Meiosis occurs in all animals and plants. ... In animalsmeiosis produces gametes directly. In land plants and some algae, there is an alternation of generations such that meiosis in the diploid sporophyte generation produces haploid spores.

Fifteen stages illustrate the reduction division, which takes place within the sex organs of a typical animal, resulting in haploid germ cells. For simplicity, only three homologus chromosomes are depicted. Tetrad formation, crossing over and the resulting genetic recombination are clarified through the employment of color coding.

Animal mitosis refers to a part of the cell cycle of animal cells where replicated chromosomes are separated into two, daughter nuclei. This means nuclear division occurs during mitosis. Before entering into the mitotic division, the cell

Nine key stages in nuclear and cell division in a typical animal. For the sake of clarity, only four pairs of chromosomes are represented.

Posters are  44"x36" each

Available -01 unmounted or -10 mounted with black snap grip trim top and bottom of each poster

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