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0123-00SET Auditory Anatomy Teaching package

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A complete package for teaching

0212-00  Auditory Ossicles $75

Life-Size replicas of the three tiny bones of the middle ear, the malleus (hammer), incus (anvil) and stapes (stirrup) cast from actual human specimens. Ossicles are labeled and embedded in plastic for protection.

1430-01 Sight and Hearing Poster, unmounted 36”x44” $49.95

0123-00  Deluxe Eight-Part Ear $750.00

Five times life-size in unbreakable vinyl, our most detailed ear model provides a  complete perspective of the middle and inner ear structures within the temporal bone.


All the skin has been removed from the detachable pinna to expose the cartilaginous structure, muscles, auricular arteries and nerves, as well as the entrance to the auditory canal.

Temporal bone (3 parts)

Sections of the petrous and mastoid portions of the temporal bone can be lifted off to expose the middle and inner ear chambers.

Tympanic Ring and Auditory Ossicles

The tympanic ring (featuring a see-through tympanic membrane) and auditory ossicles lift out of the middle chamber for close examination.

Bony/Membranous Labyrinths

The labyrinth is extractable and dissectible into three sections.  Half of it, consisting of the semicircular canals and vestibule, demonstrates the sense of balance. The semicircular canals are depicted via clear tubing filled with fluid containing a bubble that moves as the piece is tilted to demonstrate gravitational affect on the system of balance. The other half depicts the vestibular and cochlear branches of cranial nerve VIII as well as the cochlea.  The cochlear part also dissects to reveal the cochlear, vestibular, and tympanic ducts.

95 hand-numbered features are identified in the corresponding key.

Overall dimensions: 17x11x8 inches (43x28x20cm)

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