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0123-00 Deluxe Eight-Part Ear

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0123-00  Deluxe Eight-Part Ear

Five times life-size in unbreakable vinyl, our most detailed ear model provides a  complete perspective of the middle and inner ear structures within the temporal bone.


All the skin has been removed from the detachable pinna to expose the cartilaginous structure, muscles, auricular arteries and nerves, as well as the entrance to the auditory canal.

Temporal bone (3 parts)

Sections of the petrous and mastoid portions of the temporal bone can be lifted off to expose the middle and inner ear chambers.

Tympanic Ring and Auditory Ossicles

The tympanic ring (featuring a see-through tympanic membrane) and auditory ossicles lift out of the middle chamber for close examination.

Bony/Membranous Labyrinths

The labyrinth is extractable and dissectible into three sections.  Half of it, consisting of the semicircular canals and vestibule, demonstrates the sense of balance. The semicircular canals are depicted via clear tubing filled with fluid containing a bubble that moves as the piece is tilted to demonstrate gravitational affect on the system of balance. The other half depicts the vestibular and cochlear branches of cranial nerve VIII as well as the cochlea.  The cochlear part also dissects to reveal the cochlear, vestibular, and tympanic ducts.

95 hand-numbered features are identified in the corresponding key.

Overall dimensions: 17x11x8 inches (43x28x20cm)

Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy

A. External Ear

  1. Auricle

    1. Helix

    2. Scaphoid fossa (fossa of helix)

    3. Crus of helix

    4. Antihelix

    5. Crura of antihelix

    6. Triangular fossa (fossa of


    7. Tragus

    8. Supratragic tubercle

    9. Intertragic incisure

    10. Antitragus

    11. Anterior incisure (anterior


    12. Posterior auricular sulcus

    13. Cymba

    14. Cavum

    15. Lobule

    16. Greater muscle of helix

    17. Smaller muscle of helix

    18. Muscle of tragus

    19. Muscle of antitragus

    20. Oblique muscle

    21. Transverse muscle

    22. Rami of anterior auricular a.

    23. Rami of posterior auricular a.

    24. Posterior branch of great

      auricular nerve

  2. External Acoustic Meatus

    1. Cartilaginous portion

    2. Osseous portion


      Middle Ear
      III. Tympanic Membrane with

      Tympanic Ring

      1. Anterior portion of membrane

      2. Posterior portion of membrane

      3. Pars flaccida

      4. Anterior malleolar ligament

      5. Posterior malleolar ligament

      6. Radiating fibers of

        membranous layer

      7. Circular fibers of membranous


      IV. Tympanic Cavity 34. Malleus

      a. Head
      b. Neck
      c. Manubrium

      35. Incus
      d. Body

      e. Short crus

      f. Long crus 36. Stapes

      g. Anterior crus h. Posterior crus i. Base

      1. Tympanic antrum

      2. Entrance of Eustachian

        (auditory) tube

      3. Facial nerve, cut across

      4. Tensor tympani muscle

      5. Promontory

      6. Round (cochlear) window

      7. Oval (vestibular) window

      8. Mastoid air cells

        C. Inner Ear
        V. Semicircular canals

        45. Cavity of semicircular canals 46. Cavity of cochlea
        47. Internal auditory meatus 48. Anterior semicircular canal 49. Posterior semicircular canal 50. Lateral semicircular canal 51. Round
        (cochlear) window 52. Oval (vestibular) window 53. Ampulla of anterior canal 54. Ampulla of posterior canal 55. Ampulla of lateral canal

        56. Common crus 57. Utriculus
        58. Sacculus
        59. Vestibular nerve

        VI. Cochlea

        1. Beginning of first turn of


        2. Second turn of cochlea

        3. Cupula of cochlea

        4. Vestibular lip

        5. Tympanic lip

        6. Spiral lamina

        7. Cochlear nerve to branch of au-

          ditory nerve (Vestibulocochlear

          nerve-Cranial Nerve VIII)

        8. Vestibular nerve

        9. Cochlear nerve

        10. Facial nerve (Cranial Nerve VII)

        11. Geniculate ganglion

        VII. Structures of the Temporal Bone 71. Mastoid process
        72. Eustachian
        (auditory) tube 73. Styloid process

        74. Glenoid fossa
        75. Internal carotid artery
        76. Groove for sigmoid sulcus 77. Mastoid portion of temporal

        78. Petrous portion of temporal


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