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8501-50 Build-A-Cell Learning Lab

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          Introducing cells to students for the first time is exciting and daunting.  This is completely new territory with a host of odd terms and strange structures.  As an educator, you are literally introducing an entirely new world to your students. 

This learning lab is designed to bring those new ideas and structures to students in vivid color and 3D detail.  Additionally, the learning materials that accompany the lab, guide the students to explore the parts of the cell in a more in-depth way by taking ownership of an individual organelle, learning about it, and then presenting it to the rest of the class.

 The kit includes:

  • 2 - Base Cell Charts 24"x26"
  • 3 - Sheets of removable organelle stickers
  • 1 - Instructor booklet that includes copy masters for student handouts and Plant/Animal Cell comparison graphic organizer


Made in the USA

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