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6 Useful Science Charts to Add to Your Classroom

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on

Denoyer-Geppert Science Company offers a variety of science charts made for any learning setting. Whether you hang these charts in a classroom or in a medical office, each product features anatomical details from the latest research. We have rounded up the following charts for scientists to add to their visual learning collection.  

1. Anatomy of the Heart

For just $5, learn every single detail about the heart and its surrounding components.  

2. Muscular System

This chart features a numbered-key to allow your students to test their knowledge of the muscular system. 

3. Anatomy and Physiology Chart Set 

Cover everything human anatomy in your classroom with this eleven chart series that focuses on four of the special senses and nine body systems from skeletal to endocrine. 

4. Frog Poster

Looking for an alternative to animal dissection? Get all the details you need in this molded raised-relief chart of the frog. 

5. Anatomy of the Brain Chart 

This chart is broken down into five views to give students the chance to learn every single detail in the anatomy of the brain. 

6. Animal and Plant Cell

Get a side-by-side comparison of a typical animal cell with its botanical counterpart thanks to this colorful chart. 


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