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5 Styrofoam Ball Science Projects

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on

Styrofoam activities are an excellent way to learn more about science. If you’re feeling crafty, try out one of these easy projects with the help of our styrofoam materials.

1. Animal Cell Model

Create a 3D version of an animal cell with this tutorial showcasing the cell’s components from the cell membrane to the nucleus. Are you fascinated by cell structure? Learn more about our Build-A-Cell Learning Lab.  

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2. DNA Model

Expand your knowledge of DNA with a model you can make on your own. With the use of colorful styrofoam balls, assemble the sugar, phosphate groups and four nitrogenous bases into one model. Try out this hands-on student DNA model in your classroom as well.

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3. Atom Model

Use two metal rings and styrofoam balls to recreate this atom model. Your students can then calculate how many protons, neutrons and electrons each atom of the element has.

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4. Eye Model

Assemble this eye model with a large styrofoam ball and a few easy materials. If you’re looking for more details, take a look at our giant five-part eyeball model.

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5. Solar System Model

The solar system model remains the most popular of science projects. However, as a twist, create a poster with the same concept to map out the entire solar system instead.

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