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Laboratory Information Series Is Now On Sale

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on

Certain informational staples that seem to exist in laboratories everywhere. Whether academic or industrial, safety is a top priority for labs. The handy set of information serve as technique reminders that can jog your memory if you haven't performed a specific task in a while.  Similarly, a key chart that can be found in all types of labs is the periodic table of the elements.

Denoyer-Geppert offers three different charts that speak to each of these classic troves of information, and throughout June we're offering a special discount for Sets of Three. Follow the links below to order the specific chart that is most needed at your institution or otherwise, add all three to your cart.

2027-12 Laboratory Safety Chart (Set of Three)

Lab Safety Chart 

2028-12 Laboratory Techniques Chart (Set of Three)

Lab Techniques Chart

2021-12 Simple Periodic Table (Set of Three)

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