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Three amazing organs

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on


What does your tongue and an elephant trunk have in common?  Not much except that it's all muscle without bones - called muscular hydrostat.  If your tongue was as big as as an elephant trunk it could lift a car, uproot a tree, and make speaking incredibly difficult. BTW - the longest human tongue recorded is 3.97" - that may not sound to impressive but let me just say - it's not pretty - just google longest human tongue for images you won't soon forget.  If your interested in learning about the anatomy of the head  - buy my model 0176-00 on sale now.




On the out side am just an average girl next door but inside I am super human! I have the super power of regrowing an organ. I should be be classified as a mutantI have said it before and I'll say it again - our liver is amazing.   Buy this model 0141-00 - it's on sale 



I'm a twin.  My sib had a big head as a tike and teased me that he had a bigger brain thus smarter then me. Which he proved by getting is his head stuck in a fence. This giant brain made in Germany is 2.5 x life size making a great teaching aid.  Plus its on sale A409 

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