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I don't eat tongue, liver or brains- but I do eat dandelions.

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What does your tongue and an elephant trunk have in common?  Not much except that it's all muscle without bones - called muscular hydrostat.  If your tongue was as big as as an elephant trunk it could lift a car, uproot a tree, and make speaking incredibly difficult. BTW - the longest human tongue recorded is 3.97" - that may not sound to impressive but let me just say - it's not pretty -  google longest human tongue for images you won't soon forget.  If you'r e interested in learning about the anatomy of the head  - buy my model 0176-00 on sale now and save 20% with code b2school




On the out side I am just an average girl next door but inside - I am super human! I have the super power of regrowing an organ - I should be be classified as a mutant

I have said it before and I'll say it again - our liver is amazing.  

Just like Wolverine, our liver has the incredible ability to completely regrow, and it only needs as little as 25 percent of the original tissue to do so.

When a person donates more than half of their liver to someone who needs a transplant, the liver returns to its original size in about two weeks. Your liver weighs about 3 pounds - the same as a puppy and is the size of a football - but is rubbery to the touch. Tucked beneath your ribcage and located on the right, this mighty organ has lots of functions including production of  bile, decomposition of red blood cells, plasma protein synthesis, and detoxification.

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I'm a twin.  My sib had a big head as a tike and teased me that he had a bigger brain thus smarter then me. Which he proved by getting is his head stuck in a fence. This giant brain made in Germany is 2.5 x life size making a great teaching aid.  Plus its on sale A409 

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