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CAST 2016 Recap

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The Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) 2016 was a huge success this year! We felt honored to participate with the Science Teachers Association of Texas. 

At our booth, we held product demonstrations and we had a great time meeting with science educators who were interested in learning more about Denoyer-Geppert Science Company. 

CAST 2016 also gave us the opportunity to share some exciting announcements, and we received wonderful feedback and interest in our science products.

CAST members helped us pick between two brain anatomy charts. We asked voters to decide which chart style worked better for teaching. The poster on the right below became the winner and it will be soon added to our quality line of on-demand anatomical charts.


73% of voters chose this labeled chart because they thought their students would learn best from the direct correlation between name and structure.

However, the number-coded chart also had its champions. Those voters that preferred this chart cited the ability to utilize it in formative assessments with their students.  These discussions are truly our favorite part of every conference because we learn ways to improve the teaching value of our products.

We gave an exclusive sneak peek of our new Soft Body Systems product. We felt so encouraged by the positive response from CAST participants. This new product consists of creating a torso from your skeleton model with these soft organs.

Releasing in early 2017, the 12-piece set includes an assembly guide and a curriculum booklet. Some soft organ parts include the two-part brain, liver, stomach and more. Stay tuned for additional details about it.

We also had an exciting giveaway of our special Marble Heart of America model. This heart model is carved from a single piece of beautifully-veined stone. The model features three hinged doors that reveal the heart’s interior chambers. Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! 

Our lucky winner is Jenna Philips from Gonzales ISD.

Thank you again for spending time with us at CAST 2016. For more information about Denoyer-Geppert, please visit our homepage.


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Denoyer-Geppert Science Company

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