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January 19

Posted by Denoyer Geppert on

January in Chicago can be pretty brutal.  So far in January 2019 we have gone from a high of 52 to a low of 15. Yesterday it was sunny and 44 but today 20 with a wind off the lake and snow flurries (I almost broke out the winter coat and socks!)  Winter sports are big here also, including ice skating, skiing, snow boarding, sledding, ice fishing.  It's also traumatic brain injury awareness month. Lets be careful out there.  Special offer - 10% off this model which will serve educational needs in January and March
Classic clear skull, when mated with our Classic 5-Part Brain (Cast from an actual human brain) allows you to actually observe the brain in situ within the transparent skull. Brain nests perfectly within the skull, and lifts out for hands on study. Brain dim 5×5½×7 inches
Purchase this at item number SK262 or copy and paste

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