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Vintage Plant Growth and Development Wall Chart Set

Vintage Plant Growth and Development Wall Chart Set

  • $55.00

The reproductive role of flowers, representative plant life histories, and chief parts of flowering plants are illuminated in this set of three charts.

Set includes the following:

The Flower and Pollination: Exemplifying a complete flower with all parts identified, the orange blossom illustrates the reproductive function of flowers. Supplementary figures depict other flower types and at the same time illustrate 4 methods of pollination.

Plant Growth: The life cycles of the bean (a dicot) and corn (a monocot) are compared and contrasted from seed germination and growth stages through the formation of the fruit.

Parts of a Plant: Employing the bean as a representative flowering plant, this chart identifies the five principal parts of a plant while explaining the task each part performs.

Chart is ready for hanging via stiff aluminum rods and tab eyelets or wood rods.

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