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0855-00 Bullfrog Junior

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U55  Our Junior Bullfrog Won’t Swamp Your Budget!

Scaled-down somewhat from our Great American Bullfrog (Z55), our just-over-life-size adult female Bullfrog Junior embodies the same attention to fine anatomic detail and rugged American-made quality, but is intended to keep your head above water budget-wise.

Life-like sculpting and vibrant hand-painting faithfully portray the same ten organ systems found in its big sister, but with fewer numbered features and no detachable parts.

Molded of non-breakable vinyl plastic, Bullfrog Junior lifts off its hardwood stand for hands-on pass-around study. Hand-numbered features - more than 100 in all - are identified in the accompanying key which also includes a fully-labeled illustration of the reproductive system of a male frog.

Overall dimensions: 17x11x4 inches (43x30x10cm)
Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy

classroom questions

  • What are adaptations of the frog for securing food? 
  • Why dont fish have internal nares opening into mouth?
  • Watch the breathing movements of a live frog and determine what muscles are used and how they operate taking in and expelling air. 
  • How do nasal openings act? 
  • What structures does a frog use in croaking and how do thes structures operate? 
  • To what bony apparatus is the tongue of the frog attached? 
  • Trace the following and explain the function of each: systemic circulation, pulmonary circulation, hepatic portal circulation. 
  • What enzymes act in digestion, where is each produced and how does it act? 
  • Name the parts of the frog's nervous system and that to man. 
  • Name the reproductive organs in the frog and explain.

Dorsal Side

  1. External naris (singular) nares (plural)

  2. Upper eyelid

  3. Nictitating Membrane

  4. Lower Eyelid

  5. Tympanum

  6. Sphenethmoid bone (cut)

  7. Olfactory nerve (I)

  8. Olfactory lobe

  9. Cerebrum

  10. Diencephalon

  11. Optic nerve (II)

  12. Optic lobe

  13. Cerebellum

  14. Fourth ventricle

  15. Medulla oblongata

  16. Scapula

  17. Humerus (cut)

  18. Vertebra (singular) vertebrae (plural)

  19. Depressor mandibulae muscle (cut)

  20. Dorsalis scapulae muscle (cut)

  21. Latissimus dorsi muscle (cut)

  22. External oblique muscle (cut)

  23. Spinal cord

  24. Sacral vertebra

  25. Ilium

  26. Ischium

  27. Urostyle

  28. Triceps femoris muscle – middle head (tensor

    fascia lata muscle) (Vastus externus)

  29. Triceps femoris muscle – posterior head

    (glutaeus magnus muscle) (rectus femoris)

  30. Semimembranosus muscle

  31. Ilio bularis muscle

  32. Plantaris longus muscle (gastroncnemius


  33. Peroneus muscle

  34. Achilles tendon

Ventral Side
35. Maxillary teeth 36. Palatine ridge 37. Vomerine teeth


  1. Tongue

  2. Trachea

  3. Dentary of the mandible

  4. Intermandibularis muscle (submaxillary

    muscle) (Mylohyoid muscle)

  5. Right mandibular vein

  6. Larynx

  7. Right mandibular vein

  8. Right external carotid artery

  9. Right systemic arch

  10. Right pulmocutaneous arch

  11. Right cutaneous artery

  12. Right pulmonary artery

  13. Right external jugular vein

  14. Right brachial vein

  15. Right musculocutaneous vein

  16. Right pulmonary vein

  17. Right innominate vein

Heart External View

  1. Right atrium

  2. Left atrium

  3. Ventricle

  4. Truncus arteriosus (conus arteriosus)

  5. Right truncus arteriosus

  6. Left truncus arteriosus

  7. Vena cava

Ventral side

  1. Lung

  2. Right subclavian artery

  3. Right subclavian nerve

  4. Oviduct

  5. Fat bodies

  6. Ovary

  1. Liver

  2. Gall bladder

  3. Cystic duct

  4. Bile duct

  5. Pancreas

  6. Hepatic portal vein

  7. Gastric vein

  8. Mesenteric vein

  9. Splenic vein

  10. Dorsal aorta

  11. Coeliacomesenteric artery

  12. Coeliac artery

  13. Stomach

  14. Small intestine

  15. Spleen

  16. Mesenteric artery

  17. Right and Left genital vein

  18. Right genital artery

  19. Right renal vein

  20. Right renal artery

  21. Kidney

  22. Adrenal gland

  23. Right renal portal vein

  24. Archinephric duct (Ureter)

  25. Right common Iliac artery

  26. Large intestine

  27. Right Sciatic vein

  28. Right Iliac vein

  29. Urinary bladder

  30. Right pelvic vein

  31. Right remoral vein

  32. Testis (singular) testes (plural)

  33. Vasa e erentia

  34. Rudimentary oviduct

  35. Seminal vesicle

  36. Cloaca (Organ, not seen on model, is present in

    both male and female frogs.)

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