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SK83 Premier Medical Demonstration Skull Painted and Labeled

  • $350.00

Premier Medical quality 4-part skull repli-cast from a select natural bone specimen features individual teeth with complete roots - each in its own socket. Each skull includes a hinged flap in right mandible that swings open to expose the roots of two premolars and first two molars in their sockets, plus an impacted wisdom tooth (these are all permanently anchored),  all other remaining teeth in the upper and lower jaws are secured in their socket with a permanently-flexible cement which allows them to be extracted and reinserted.  Detachable springs permit natural articulation of the mandible as well as jaw removal. The sectioned calvaria detaches to access the neurocaranium.

SK83 Premier Painted and labeled Medical Demonstration Skull includes the following enhancements - Muscle origins in red and insertions in blue have been hand painted on the right half of skull, and have there names hand lettered in place.  Bones and significant features of the left side have been hand-numbered for identification. The Neurocranium includes hand painting that traces the course of the venous sinus of the dura mater (blue) and the cranium arteries (red). Color coded nerves and blood vessels supplying the roots of the teeth are exposed within the dissected right mandible.  Includes identification key.

Available unmounted, on a wood base SK83B or with a skull case SK83C

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