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SJ30  Set of Five Joints

SJ30 Set of Five Joints

  • $360.00

Encompasses all three functional joint types
  • Immovable (synarthroses)
  • Slightly movable (amphiarthroses)
  • Freely movable diarthroses)
All three structural types
  • fibrous
  • cartilaginous
  • synovial
Natural cast, this series of full-scale plastic reproductions includes the following examples:
Fibrous Joints 
skull sutures — synarthrotic (immovable)
teeth in sockets — gamphoses: synarthrotic (immovable), one tooth extracts (tethered to prevent loss)
tibia-fibula joint — syndesmosis: amphiarthrotic (slightly movable)
Cartilaginous Joints
vertebral joint — symphysis: amphiarthrotic (slightly movable)
Synovial Joints
hip joint — ball-and-socket: diarthrotic (freely movable)

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