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SA49C Female Disarticulated HALF Skeleton with case

  • $1,250.00

SA49C Female Disarticulated HALF Skeleton is specially cast to closely resemble the feel, mass and appearance of natural bone.  This model comes with a case

All bones with the exception of the skull are disarticulated.  Each set includes: 3 part skull with detachable calvaria and mandible, complete set of vertebrae strung on nylon, ribs of one side, sternum with costal cartilages, bones of one arm, complete with scapula and clavicle, bones of one leg complete with half pelvis. One hand and one foot, loosely strung on nylon filament.

This medical quality half disarticulated female skeleton is available unpainted SA49, unpainted with a case SA49C, painted and labeled SA49P, painted and labeled with a case SA49PC.  


Also available in a full disarticulated version- item SA48 

Made in the UK

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