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S61-725 Premier Skeleton with soft organ set

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NEW! S61-725 Premier Academic Skeleton and our new Soft Body System turns your skeleton into a torso with a 12-piece set of soft organs.

Our Academic Series skeletons are characterized by a rigidly-articulated vertebral column which exhibits normal spinal curvatures and intervertebral discs and incorporate all standard Premier features:

  • 100% non-breakable plastic bones repli-cast from those of a select male specimen.
  • Stainless-steel fittings.
  • Detachable four-part skull.
  • Individual extractable/reinsertable teeth — complete with roots — each tooth in its own socket.
  • Detachable spring-articulated mandible.
  • Hinged mandibular flap which opens to expose roots of teeth in their sockets.
  • Detachable calvaria for access to the neuro-cranium.
  • Detachable arms and legs.

The Soft Body Systems provides exclusive features that contribute to the learning of human torso anatomy. When paired with a skeleton students can really see the relationship of organs to the skeleton, as they assemble and disassemble the Soft Body System and what becomes apparent is the way the organs are packed into the body cavity leaving very little (or potential) space between them.

The starter set includes:

  • Two-part brain
  • Right and Left lungs
  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Stomach
  • Pancreas and Spleen
  • Right and left kidneys
  • Large Intestine
  • Small Intestine

The 12-piece set comes complete with an assembly guide and curriculum booklet. These guides provide a 140 number key for the soft organs as well as suggested learning activities:

Skeletal landmarks in relation to placement of organs in the body, relationship of internal organs to one another

Practical anatomical orientation terms like - Deep-Superficial, Cephalic-Caudal, Anterior-Posterior, Medical-Lateral




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