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Premier Academic Series Skeleton with Hand-painted and Number-coded Muscle Attachments

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S63  All bones of the right half of the skeleton have been enhanced with hand-painted muscle origins (red), and insertions (navy) and have been number-coded rather than labeled by name. A key identifying all coded features is furnished.

Additional colors differentiate the components of the erector spinae muscle complex from other muscles of the neck and back regions — ileocostalis: origins (orange), insertions (yellow) — longissimus: origins (dark green), insertions (light green).

Bones and osteological features of anatomical and clinical significance are number-coded on the left half of the skeleton. A key to identify all coded features is provided.

Characterized by a rigidly-articulated vertebral column which exhibits normal spinal curvatures and intervertebral discs, our Academic Series skeletons incorporate all standard Premier features:

  • 100% non-breakable plastic bones repli-cast from those of a select male specimen.
  • Stainless-steel fittings.
  • Detachable four-part skull.
  • Individual extractable/reinsertable teeth — complete with roots — each tooth in its own socket.
  • Detachable spring-articulated mandible.
  • Hinged mandibular flap which opens to expose roots of teeth in their sockets.
  • Detachable calvaria for access to the neuro-cranium.
  • Detachable arms and legs.

Suspension mount on a swivel-caster stand

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