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OM-2302 Breeding Pig Model, half life size

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Pig Model, 20 parts, 1/2 life size

A model of a breeding pig (sow), 1/2 natural size. An alternative for dissection, this model is mounted on a base with wheels.  Dividing in two along its sagital plane, the right side features the outer skin while the left side presents body and limb muscles.

When two halves are separated, the left side shows the chest and the abdominal cavity with detachable organs (a lung, a kidney, and a large intestine), and the right side of the model shows main blood vessels, the heart, the abdominal cavity wall with detachable organs, including: a stomach, a liver, a spleen, a kidney with an adrenal gland, a small intestine and a uterus. Half of the model’s head can also be detached.

The model can be divided into 20 parts.

Removable parts:

  • right half of the body
  • left half of the body
  • half of the head
  • ear cartilage
  • large intenstine
  • small intenstine
  • left front leg
  • liver (2-parts)
  • heart (2-parts)
  • kindney
  • adrenal gland
  • spleen
  • lung (2 parts)
  • tail
  • stomach (2 parts)
  • parotid gland
  • half of the uterus

Dimensions: approx. 11"x 40" x 20"  41 Lbs

Made in Poland

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