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0348-50 Muscular Anatomy figure with Internal Organs and Interchangeable Genitalia, 3/4 Scale

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Scaled to 3/4 life size, this plastic replica depicts the surface musculature of the human body as well as the more deeply lying muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Complete with interchangeable genitalia of both sexes and a full complement of internal organs, the figure disassembles into 45 components: Head with neck, Calvaria , Brain (3 parts), Torso with right leg and shoulder, Thoracic and abdominal wall, Mammary gland, Lungs (2 parts), Thymus - Heart (2 halves),Diaphragm ,Liver with gallbladder, Stomach (2 parts), Duodenum with pancreas, Intestine (2 parts), Half of a kidney, Male genitalia (4 parts), Female genitalia (2 parts), Right arm, Left arm with 5 removable muscles (6 parts), Left leg with 8 removable muscles (9 parts). Mounted on a stand with castors. The figure stands 54 inches (138 cm) tall.

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