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SK14 Medical Demonstration Skull, 14-Sections

  • $830.00

SK14 Medical Demonstration Skull, 14-Sections

This skull unveils the secrets of the sinuses and nasal passages!  Specially selected and prosected natural skull was employed as the pattern from which this highly detailed specimen was cast.  Features include:

  • Horizontally sectioned calvaria which detaches, exposing the cranial cavity in which the network of meningeal blood vessels, venous sinuses and internal carotid have been traced in contrasting colors
  • A sagittal section through the base of the skull reveals the intricacies of the nasal passages
  • The frontal sinus is exposed through a resection of the frontal bone on one side and by means of a hinged bony flap on the other
  • The temporal on one side of the bone detaches and divides in two exposing the semicircular canals and inner ear
  • A hinged bony flap through the ethmoid plate and vomer on one side opens to reveal the chamber of the sphenoid sinus
  • Both the mandible and maxilla of one side have been sectioned open to bare the alveolar blood vessels and nerves which supply the roots of the teeth
  • The detachable mandible has a hinged flap on one side which opens to expose the roots of the teeth
  • The teeth are individually extractable and reinsertable

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