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Internal Organs Model 3x Life size

0146-00 Internal Organs

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0146-00  Internal Organs
Three times life-size, this vinyl-plastic model replicates the pancreas, duodenum, gallbladder, spleen, and kidneys with adrenals. Dissections of the pancreas, duodenum and gallbladder let you trace the pancreatic, cystic and bile ducts. Major blood vessels including the portal vein are depicted.
59 hand-numbered structures are defined in the accompanying key. Model pivots on hardwood stand.

On this model the spleen is shown drawn away from the left kidney to expose its renal surface. The peritoneum is removed except over the spleen. The pancreas is shown somewhat lower than normal.

  1. Body of pancreas

  2. Head of pancreas

  3. Tail of pancreas

  4. Pancreatic duct (Duct of Wirsung)

  5. Accessory pancreatic duct (Duct of Santorini)

  6. Papilla major of duodenum

  7. Papilla minor of duodenum

  8. Duodenum

  9. Descending portion of duodenum

  10. Inferior portion of duodenum

  11. Ascending portion of duodenum

  12. Right suprarenal gland

  13. Left suprarenal gland

  14. Right kidney

  15. Left kidney

  16. Spleen, drawn away from the left kidney to

    expose the renal surface

  17. Hilus of spleen

  18. Renal surface

  19. Gastric surface

  20. Diaphragmatic surface

  21. Anterior margin

  22. Upper extremity

  23. Lower extremity

  24. Gastrolienal ligament

  25. Portion of inferior surface of liver

  26. Gallbladder

  27. Fundus of gallbladder

  28. Neck of gallbladder

  29. Cystic duct with spiral valve

30. Hepatic duct
31. Common bile duct
32. Coeliac artery
33. Gastroduodenal artery
34. Superior pancreatico-duodenal artery 35. Hepatic artery
36. Superior mesenteric artery
37. Intestinal arteries
38. Middle colic artery
39. Splenic artery
40. Suprarenal arteries and veins
41. Portal vein
42. Superior mesenteric vein
43. Intestinal veins
44. Middle colic vein
45. Splenic vein
46. Main trunk of portal vein
47. Left gastric artery
48. Splenic artery
49. Right renal artery
50. Right renal vein
51. Left renal artery
52. Left renal vein
53. Hilus of kidney
54. Right ureter
55. Left ureter
56. Branches of portal vein within liver 57. Branches of hepatic veins within liver 58. Branches of hepatic ducts within liver 59. Branches of hepatic artery within liver

Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy

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