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0821-40  The Heart of America: Student Version

0821-40 The Heart of America: Student Version

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U81  Student Version
Twice the size of a human adult heart to show detail and facilitate study. This simplified reproduction is perfect for introductory study. A 7-page study guide explains the physiological function of each the 39 features number-coded on the model. 100% American Made - authentic hand-painted detail is proudly signed and dated by its crafter - Autographed Anatomy exclusive to Denoyer-Geppert.
  • Three hinged portals allow full access to heart chambers and valves
  • Attached portions of trachea and esophagus demonstrate their relationship to major vessels
  • Unbreakable vinyl model fully rotates on wooden pedestal, or lifts off for pass-around viewing

Overall dimensions on base: 7x7x15 inches (18x18x38 cm)

Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy

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