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Life-size Hands-on Brain

0826-66 Hands-On Budget Brain

  • $442.99

0826-66  Hands-On Budget Brain - 8 part life size Brain with arterial blood supply 
Steel pins keep this model’s 8 parts together during pass-around, yet allow quick disassembly as well facilitating hands-on study. Components include: the large basilar artery, the pituitary, the right hemisphere which divides in two, and the left which splits in four, including half the cerebellum and half of the brain stem.  Resting on a molded display base which permits simultaneous viewing of the brain’s superior, inferior and lateral aspects, the nonbreakable vinyl model introduces 100 hand numbered features which are identified in the accompanying key.
Overall dimensions: 6x5x7 inches (14x13x18cm).
Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy

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