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Giant Hands-On Flower Model, Student Edition

0824-50 Giant Hands-On Flower, 7 part, Student Edition

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U84  Illustrates the processes of pollination and fertilization. Separates into seven parts.  As your students explore this greatly enlarged model, they will discover the arrangement of floral components, and the reproductive function of flowers. In fact, because the petals, sepals and stamens are detachable, your students can begin the investigation with the model disassembled, and build the flower as they learn about its parts and their functions - reinforcing the educational experience. One anther is sectioned open to reveal the pollen grains within. Adhering to the stigma are six pollen grains, demonstrating the process of pollination. One of these grains has generated a pollen tube which has entered the ovary. Visible near the top of this tube are two sperm nuclei - one of which is destined to unite with the egg to form the embryo - the other will fuse with the polar nuclei to become the endosperm tissue which will nourish the developing embryo. This process of double fertilization is unique to flowering plants.
26 number-coded floral structures are explained in detail in the accompanying 4-page Study Guide.
 Overall dimensions: 17x14x10 inches (43x36x 25cm).
Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy

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