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T160 Full Size Human Torso

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27 parts manifest superficial and deep musculature, this versatile, highly detailed male model, sans genitalia, exhibits internal viscera as well. Many organs are detachable to lay bare underlying structures, and to facilitate their detailed examination from all aspects. Several further dissect to expose internal features.
Detachable structures include: Calvaria, brain – dissectible into six parts , eyeball with optic nerve, left and right sternocleidomastoid muscles, pectoralis minor muscles, thoracic/abdominal wall, larynx – dissectible into two parts - both lungs, heart – dissectible into two parts - diaphragm, stomach – dissectible into two parts - liver with gallbladder, complete intestinal tract with appendix, anterior half of one kidney, half of urinary bladder, gluteus maximus muscle
supported on a rectangular base.  
The torso measures 37½×23½×14 inches (95×60×35 cm) overall.

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