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Free-standing urinary system

0145-00 Urinary System Model

  • $499.95

A55 Free-Standing Urinary System
This three-dimensional model of the male urinary system and its blood supply is freestanding, enabling study from all aspects. Made of unbreakable vinyl polymer, the larger than life replica illustrates:
1) the kidneys, adrenals and blood vessels
2) a section of the pelvic bones with pubic symphysis, lower portion of the bladder and prostate
3) the upper portion of the bladder and prostate.  Flexible plastic tubing represents the ureters.  
50 hand-numbered features correspond with those on the accompanying reproducible illustrated black line copy master. 
Overall dimensions: 12x19x8 inches (30x48x20 cm).
Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy

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