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S41-25 Female Suspension Skeleton with Ligaments, Painted Muscle Attachments, and Color-Coded Skull Bones

  • $2,049.00

Molded of special non-breakable plastic which closely approximates the appearance, feel and weight of real bone, even fine surface detail is faithfully rendered.  Except for the skull, bones are individually articulated. Vertebral discs are flexible — one lumbar disc is herniated. Unobtrusive articulation of the limbs permits realistic movement while allowing easy removal. Non-corrosive fittings are used throughout.  The highly accurate three-part skull has a sectioned calvaria, and the articulated detachable mandible incorporates the full adult dentition.  Synthetic pelvic ligaments have been incorporated on the right side, muscle attachments - origins red, insertions blue, - have been hand-painted onto the bones of the left side.  Bones in the right half of the 3-part skull have been painted in contrasting colors for easy identification.  Complete with key card and five legged swivel-caster stand.  Standing 162cm tall.

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