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Dental Morphology - Types of Human Teeth

0114-00 Dental Morphology 7-Part Series

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0114-00  Dental Morphology 7-Part Series
Ten times life-size, six teeth representative of every human tooth type are included in this series:
  1. Lateral Incisor
  2. Canine (cuspid)
  3. First Premolar (bicuspid) with advanced caries
  4. Second Premolar
  5. Detachable bridge, consisting of first Molar with gold crown
  6. Second Molar
Since it is nearly identical morphologically to the lateral incisor, the central incisor is not included, nor is the third molar, which is so similar to the second. Each tooth has its name hand lettered on its surface, and is removable from the transparent base.
22 hand-coded features are identified in the accompanying key.  
  1. Lateral Incisor

  2. Crown

  3. Neck

  4. Root

  5. Enamel

  6. Dentin

  7. Pulp

  8. Cementum

  9. Nerve and Blood Supply

  10. Cuspid

  11. Amalgam Filling

  12. First Bicuspid

  13. Caries (Decay)

  14. Abscess

  15. Second Bicuspid

  16. Tooth Preparation to Receive Inlay

  17. Second Bicuspid Inlay

  18. First Molar (Replacement Tooth)

  19. Gold Crown on Replacement Tooth

  20. Second Molar

  21. Tooth Preparation to Receive Inlay

  22. Second Molar Inlay

In life, the periodontal membrane lies between the tooth and the gum line.
The gum line is represented by the stand on this model. The
mandible (jawbone)

lies under the gum line.

22x10x8 inches (56x25x20 cm) overall.
Denoyer-Geppert Autographed Anatomy

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