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SP587 Deluxe Flexible Spine with femur heads and painted muscle attachments AND STAND

  • $290.00

Painted spines add a new dimension to demonstrations about the anatomy of the human spinal column. Muscle origins (red) and insertions (blue) are painted on left innominate, femur and vertebrae of the human spine replica. In addition to all features of the Classic Spine Series our Deluxe Spine Model has a sacral opening and exposed brain stem for advanced anatomical studies. Other features of the spine are:
  • Full pelvis and occipital plate
  • Fully flexible mounting throughout spine
  • L3-L4 disc prolapsed on spinal column
  • Spinal nerve exits
  • Cervical vertebral artery
  • Male pelvis
  • Cauda equina
  • With movable mounted femur heads

This high quality flexible spine with femur heads and painted muscles is a great teaching tool for the anatomy of the human spinal column.


Flexible spine  with muscular painting Muscles

21 Splenius capitis 25 Trapezius 26 Semispinalis capitis 27 Rectus capitis posterior minor 28 Obliquus capitis superior 29 Rectus capitis posterior major 30 Rectus capitis lateralis 31 Rectus capitis anterior 32 Longus capitis 43 Obliquus capitis inferior 44 Splenius cervicis 45 Longus colli 46a Scalenus anterior 46b Scalenus medius 46c Scalenus posterior 47 Latissimus dorsi 48 Rhomboid major 49 Rhomboid minor 50 Levator scapulae 52 Serratus posterior superior 53 Iliocostalis (yellow points) 54 Longissimus (green points) 55a Spinalis thoracis 55b Spinalis cervicis 55c Spinalis capitis 56 Multifidus muscles 60 Serratus posterior inferior 64 Rectus abdominis 66 External oblique 67 Internal oblique 68 Transversus abdominis 69 Quadratus lumborum 70 Coccygeus 111 Iliopsoas 111a Iliacus 111b Psoas major 112 Gluteus maximus 113 Gluteus medius 114 Gluteus minimus 115 Tensor fasciae Iatae 116 Piriformis 117 Obturator internus 118 Gemellus superior 119 Gemellus inferior 120 Quadratus femoris 121 Sartorius 122a Rectus femoris 122b Vastus lateralis 122c Vastus intermedius 122d Vastus medialis 124 Pectineus 125 Adductor longus 126 Adductor brevis 127 Adductor magnus 128 Gracilis 129 Obturator externus 130 Biceps femoris 130a Long head 131 Semitendinosus 132 Semimembranosus 156 Deep transverse perineal muscle 157 Superficial transverse perineal muscle 158 Ischiocavernosus 159 Levator ani Bones 142 Atlas 142a Anterior arch 142b Anterior tubercle 142c Posterior arch 142d Groove for vertebral artery 142e Posterior tubercle 142f Transverse process 143 Axis 143a Dens 146 Lumbar vertebra 146a Vertebral body 146b Vertebral arch 146c Spinous process 146d Inferior articular process 146e Costal process 146f Mammillary process 147 Sacrum 147a Promontory 147b Sacral tuberosity 147c Anterior sacral foramina 147d Transverse ridges 147e Posterior sacral foramina 147f Median sacral crest 147g Intermediate sacral crest 147h Lateral sacral crest 147i Sacral hiatus 147k Superior articular process 148 Coccyx 148a Coccygeal cornu 148b Coccygeal vertebrae I-IV

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