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Motor Neuron Diorama

0167-00 Motor Neuron Diorama

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0167-00  Motor Neuron Diorama

Magnified more than 2500 times and fully three-dimensional, this neuron model is depicted in its natural setting. With the membranous envelope cut away, the cytological ultrastructure, organelles and inclusions within the cell body are depicted in contrasting colors. A section of the axon lifts off to expose the enveloping myelin sheath and neuro-lemma, as well as the Schwann cell that formed them. Dendrites of the neuron extend into the background, and synaptic vesicles carrying neurotransmitters can be seen via a cutaway view. 54 features are identified in an illustrated key.

  1. Nucleus

  2. Nucleolus

  3. Cytoplasm

  4. Lysosome

  5. Vesicles (emerge from Golgi & ER)

  6. Golgi apparatus of Golgi complex

  7. Mitochondria

  8. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) Nissl body

    (rough ER has polyribosomes on it)

  9. Nerve bers

  10. Axon hillock (cone-shaped base of axon)

  11. Axon

  12. Dendrite

  13. Schwann cell cytoplasm

  14. Node of Ranvier

  15. Cytoplasm of axon (axoplasm) includes:

    neuro laments, microtubules, vesicles and


  16. Axolemma

  17. Schwann cell nucleus

  18. Schmidt-Lanterman cleft

  19. Myelin sheath (wrapping portion with no


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