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A422  Classic Neuro-Anatomical Brain

A422 Classic Neuro-Anatomical Brain

  • $395.00

Divided into hemispheres along the medial sagittal plane, this life-size 8-part reproduction displays color-coded cerebral lobes on the right half, while on the left it highlights motor and sensory centers including: pre-and post central gyri, Broca and Wernicke speech centers, Heschl’s gyrus, cranial nerves, ventricles.  Each half can be divided into 4 pieces as follows: frontal and parietal lobe, temporal and occipital lobe, half of brain stem, half of cerebellum.
A molded plastic base supports the model in an upright position.
5½×5½×6¾ inches (14×14×17.5 cm) overall.

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