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A388  Classic Heart Set on Single Wood Base

A388 Classic Heart Set on Single Wood Base

  • $289.95

A388  Classic Heart Set of 3 hearts on Wood Base

1- Heart heart replica shows the ventricles, atria, veins and aorta in precise detail. The front heart wall is detachable to reveal its inner valves and chambers.

2- Ideal for explaining the treatment of coronary heart disease, the Classic Heart with Bypass model contains all of the features above, plus color representations of venal bypasses to the right coronary artery and ramus interventricularis anterior, as well as the ramus circumflexus of the left coronary artery.

3- Transparent to illustrate the vessels of the heart, the Classic Heart with Conducting System shows the coronary arteries and veins in colored relief, and the complete conducting system is also represented in color. The front heart wall is removable, and the entire heart can be taken off its stand.


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