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SB79-2  BONElike Lumbar Vertebrae, Set of 5

SB79-2 BONElike Lumbar Vertebrae, Set of 5

  • $228.00

Is this real bone? No! It’s BONElike!
Revolutionary new plastic material reproduces even the finest bone details while exhibiting the natural feel and heft of real bone. Even medical experts have been fooled upon initial examination of BONElike reproductions. Non-breakable under normal usage, BONElike reproductions make ideal substitutes for natural bone specimens in medical teaching situations, allied health training, and for patient education.  Each BONElike lumbar vertebral reproduction is identified by number and nests in its own form-fitting niche within the shared display base. Individual vertebrae lift out for hands-on scrutiny.
12×8¼×2½ inches (30×21×6 cm) overall.

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