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0650-11 Biomechanical Arm Kit

0650-11 Biomechanical Arm Kit

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AP11  Biomechanics kits offer a complete lab-tested system for teaching and learning the musculoskeletal system, requiring a minimum investment of instructor time to implement.  Biomechanical Arm (AP11), Leg (AP12) or Arm/Leg Kit (AP15) available.
The principles of biomechanics provide students with a real world framework for organizing details of musculoskeletal anatomy.
By mastering a limited set of basic concepts, students can predict and explain body movement using the same approaches employed by kinesiologists, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, and orthopedic nurses. Working ideally in teams of four, students practice observation, measurement, data gathering and analysis, prediction, plus calculations and problem solving.
Setup and care is explained in a short, illustrated manual. A teaching and learning guide helps with lesson planning and implementation. A laboratory guide takes students through the learning activities in a step-by step manner, then keeps them studying out of class with problem sets. A test bank provides assessment items in various formats that you may use directly or adapt for your special needs and objectives. Using these features in combination with the models themselves, you will always have reliable, repeatable, hands-on-results.
Includes: Biomechanical Arm Model, Support Base and Rod, Support Clamps, Force Cord Assembly (Cable, handle, connectors, fine adjustment, force gauge,) Brass Weights (1-50g, 1-100g,) Instructor’s Curriculum Guide (containing illustrated instructions for setup and care of models, teaching and learning guide, and test bank,) Four Student Laboratory Guides.

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