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DVD173 Anatomica3D

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Awesome product at an unbelievable price!
An amazing oldie but a goodie find during our fall warehouse cleaning frenzy.   New - unopened /At this price - all sales final
Anatomica 3D  DVD173 [Student Version]  2011
This DVD by Biovere comes with a built in database of over 10,000 questions written at advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels. Every time you select a structure a wealth of information becomes available. Accompanying each selected structure is comprehensive text, which includes everything from a description to the etymology for the term. Also, every selected structure in anatomica3D has an associated links window with a list of every visual reference that contains that selected structure. The level and detail of the text changes when you select beginner, intermediate, or advanced from the level menu. 
The highest quality anatomy content combined with the most powerful functionality and navigation tool. Instantly view anatomical structures in 3D space with the ability to access high quality photographs.  

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