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S28X  Mini-Skeleton with flexible spine, 28 inches

S28X Mini-Skeleton with flexible spine, 28 inches

  • $440.00

Proving that good things come in small packages, our scaled down replica of the adult human skeleton is remarkably detailed incorporating essential anatomical features, yet lightweight and compact enough to be easily manipulated and transported.
Nearly all bones, except those of the hands and feet, are individually molded and articulated, reproducing natural movement at joints you would only expect to find on full-size skeletons.
Molded from a specially formulated plastic compound, our mini-skeleton has the look and feel of natural bone, and is virtually unbreakable in normal use.  This scientifically accurate replica is further enhanced with a spine that is flexibly articulated, permitting natural bending and twisting motions of the torso. Complete with sacral support stand and hardwood base.

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