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1940-32 Astronomy Chart Series with spring roller 5 chart set

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1940-32 Astronomy Chart Series with spring roller 5 chart set
This highly visual series employs large straight forward diagrams to reveal the relationships of the earth to the sun and other members of the solar system.  The series focuses on the earth-moon system, and the earth-sun relationships, exploring the seasons, eclipses and lunar phases, as well as introducing other members of the suns family: major planets, satellites, minor planets (asteroids), and comets.
Available -41 mounted on a charthead with tripod stand or -32 on a spring roller for wall mount 

Charts can also be purchased Indiviually Unmounted -01, or mounted -10 with moveable eyelets and snap grip trim top and bottom for hanging

Each chart is 44”x36”

1941 Eath’s Annual Revolution

1942 Solar and Lunar Eclipses

1943 Phases of the Moon

1944 The Solar System

1946 Solar system II

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