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1127-13-AL VINTAGE Animal Life Histories Wall Charts, Set of three

1127-13-AL VINTAGE Animal Life Histories Wall Charts, Set of three

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From an environmental perspective, the life histories of three common animals: a fish, a mammal (rabbit) and an insect (honeybee) are examined and contrasted in this series.

Set includes:

Honeybee life history: In addition to demonstrating the characteristic insect body plan, the large central figure of a worker bee is depicted gathering nectar from a flower and, in the process, pollinating it. A honeycomb being tended by workers reveals egg, larval and pupal stages, while the three castes of honeybees (worker, queen, and drone) are shown to scale for comparison.

Fish life history: An adult mullet feeding in its marine environment is depicted along with developmental stages of its egg and embryo. Companion figures elucidate how gills function in underwater respiration and illustrate the internal anatomy of a fish, the shingle-like arrangement of fish scales, and several other fish species.

Rabbit life history: Faithfully depicting the natural habitat of the rabbit, a female with three young is shown in a meadow. A second female nurses her young in her nest, while a male enters the nest. A supplementary figure provides a skeletal view, and an inset portrait pictures a family of hares for comparison.

Chart set is mounted at the top with black Snap-Grip® trim that includes removable / repositionable eyelets ready for hanging

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