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2025-08 Giant Periodic Table

2025-08 Giant Periodic Table

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2025-08 Giant Periodic Table  - UPDATED and Simplified

Designed in a giant 96x42 inch format for large laboratory, classroom or lecture hall setting to maximize visibility and minimize confusion.             

This concise chart deals with essentials - presenting only the atomic symbol, atomic mass (based on carbon 12), atomic number, name of the element and selected oxidation states. The atomic symbols are color-coded to designate the naturally occurring physical state of each element - solids black, gases white, liquids blue. Synthetic elements are shown in gray. Atomic numbers appear red, all other type is black. Additional color-coding is used to designate s-block, d-block, f-block, and p-block elements. Printed on tear and water-resistant synthetic stock, with 4 Eyelets on the top and 2 eyelets on the bottom

Updated and redesigned to current IUPAC standards

Printed in Skokie IL USA

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