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2023-01 Periodic Table of the Elements – Complete Form, unmounted

  • $49.95

Updated and redesigned to current IUPAC standards.

Atomic symbols are color coded to indicate the naturally occurring physical state of each element. Color coding is also employed in each periodic cell to group the elements.

Each cell contains the following information: Atomic Name, Atomic Symbol, Atomic Mass, Density, Electron Configuration at the ground state, Boiling Point, Melting Point, Atomic Number, Covalent Radius, Atomic Radius, Atomic Volume, Oxidation States, Number of Stable Isotopes, Number of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Isotopes, Half Life, and Type of Decay Particle emitted.  

Wall chart size: 50 x 42 inches

Also available mounted 2023-10  mounted with removable black Snap-Grip® trim on top and bottom that includes removable / repositionable eyelets ready for hanging.

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